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Getting started with LISP

This tutorial is an introduction to Lisp features. if you have a previous background programming with Java or C/C++, it will help you to get up and coding on LISP quickly . 1. Install a LISP interpreter In this tutorial, …

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From the storyboard to the code, programing with Alice

Curriculum design of the course “From the storyboard to the code: programing with Alice” (Introductory course for 4th graders at elementary school). Office of Youth Preparation on the Programs for Talented Youth, Arizona State University. Tempe, AZ, US. February – …

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Good Teacher

Have you ever wondered what makes a great special education teacher? What separates a mediocre teacher from a terrific teacher? It’s not easy to define; however, what do you think about this mind map? 💡

SIGCSE 2008 Poster:
Could Programming be Cool? Using Lego Mind-storms to teach programming

39th SIGCSE technical symposium on Computer science education 2008. Portland, OR, USA. March 2008.    Abstract Teaching and learning programming could be hard because code can be seemed as something invisible and intangible. See how a bunch of code-lines, writing …

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CIDTEC 2008:
Introducing computer science with Project Hoshimi

38th Conference of Research and Development by Tecnologico de Monterrey. Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. January 23-25, 2008.   Summary Introductory programming course have two very specific difficulties for novice students. First is the lack use of real world examples in …

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teaching: (ITESM 2006-2007) Introduction to the Profession of Electronics and Information Technologies

B.S.Computer System Engineering Department of Computer Science, Tecnologico de Monterrey, campus Guadalajara, Course: Ti1002 -Introduction to the Profession of Electronics and Information Technologies I taught this course 2 times along Fall 2006 and Fall 2007. Synthetics This is the official …

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OOPSLA 2007 Paper:
Introducing Computer Science with Project Hoshimi

22nd International Conference on Object-Oriented Programming Systems Languages and Applications Montreal, Canada. October 2007    Abstract Introductory programming course have two very specific difficulties for novice students. First is the lack of real world examples in the sessions. It is …

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CONALEP 2007 Keynote:
Information Technology, Exceeding Bounds and Skepticisms

Science and Technology Week. Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. June 2007. Keynote. Colegio Nacional de Educacion Profesional Tecnica (Conalep).   Slides These are my slides for the keynote (in spanish), any comment is more than welcome.  

MUNDOTEC 2007 Magazine:
Generation G

Gonzalez-Sanchez, J. and Chavez-Echeagaray, M.E. (2007). Generación G [Generation G]. MundoTec (printed edition). Page 6. Number 205. Year XVI. Guadalajara, JAL, Mexico. April 30, 2007.     First paragraph Persistence, sociability, manual skills, psychomotor skills, flexibility, competitiveness, work-jo skills in …

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MUNDOTEC 2007 Magazine:
Information Technology: beyond limits and skepticism

Chavez-Echeagaray, M.E. and Gonzalez Sanchez, J. (2007). Tecnologias de Información – sobrepasando límites y escepticismos [Information Technology – beyond limits and skepticism]. MundoTec (printed edition). Page 4. Number 204. Year XVI. Guadalajara, JAL, Mexico. April 23, 2007.   First paragraph …

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