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IEEE Senior Member

I feel honored to have been granted the IEEE Senior Member.

Getting started with LISP

This tutorial is an introduction to Lisp features. if you have a previous background programming with Java or C/C++, it will help you to get up and coding on LISP quickly . 1. Install a LISP interpreter In this tutorial, …

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Introduction to Programming Languages

I am teaching CSE240 Introduction to Programming Languages this Fall. This course introduce diverse paradigms of programming languages including procedural (Language C), object-oriented (Language C++), functional (Language LISP), and logic (Language Prolog) paradigm. Syllabus Fall 2017 version Lessons Course Presentation …

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Introduction to Software Engineering

I am teaching CSE360 Introduction to Software Engineering this Summer and Fall. This course presents an overview of software life cycle models, project management, team development environments and methodologies, software architectures, and quality assurance and standards. Syllabus Summer 2017 version …

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Principles of Programming (with Java)

I am teaching CSE110 Principles of Programming this Summer. CSE 110 is an introductory course to programming using Java language. The course requires no previous background in programming. It concentrates on concepts of problem solving using Java, algorithm design, structured …

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Feature Adaptive Ray Tracing of Subdivision Surfaces

I am serving as a member of Shujian Ke’s Graduate Supervisory Committee. The committee includes Dr. Ashish Amresh (chair), Dr. John Femiani (member), and myself. Thesis defense is on April 14, 2017, 11:30 am MST, Peralta Hall room 202. Abstract …

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Modeling and Design Analysis of Facial Expressions of Humanoid Social Robots

I am serving as a member of Shweta Murthy’s Graduate Supervisory Committee. The committee includes Dr. Ashraf Gaffar (chair), Dr. Arbi Ghazarian (member), and myself. Thesis defense is on April 13, 2017, 04.00 pm MST, Peralta Hall room 230W Abstract …

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Affect Measurement

Our chapter Affect Measurement: Approaches, Technologies, and Data Analysis is published. Abstract Affect is inextricably related to human cognitive processes and ex- presses a great deal about human necessities (Picard, 1997); affect signals what matters to us and what we …

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Introduction to Graphics

I am teaching SER332 Introduction to Graphics and Game Development. This is a beginner level course for students interested in learning foundations of graphics and basic principles of the game development pipeline. The programming language used in this course is …

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Ph.D. Degree Conferred

I have successfully defended my Ph.D. Dissertation, thus completing the requirements for the Ph.D. degree at Arizona State University. I am deeply grateful to have had such an outstanding committee. My thanks to my advisor Dr. Winslow Burleson, HCI researcher …

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