paper: (LNGC 2012) Three-Dimensional Visualisation of the Tectonic movement over Mexico by means of the Global Positioning System (GPS) measurements

ICA/SPIE Europe Symposium on True 3D in Cartography
Dresden, Germany
August 24-28, 2009


This paper presents the design of a computer system for visualizing in three dimensions the movement of the Earth’s crust by means of the information gathered and processed from the Global Positioning System (GPS). Several existing products, display information corresponding to the movement of each GPS component (latitude, longitude and altitude) using a set of static two-dimensional graphics. These techniques are useful and understandable to scientists on the topic of study, however, the needs to analyze the information from a different perspective and create a presentation system that achieves the understanding of the phenomenon in a wider audience, are the motivation of this work. The system presented here, has been built to be used by the Department of Geography and Territorial Planning from the University of Guadalajara in the field of motion studies of the Earth’s crust in Mexico.


Marquez-Azua, B., Ledesma-Tello, I., Gonzalez-Sanchez, J., and Ascencio-Escamilla, G. (2012). Three-Dimensional Visualisation of the Tectonic Movement Over Mexico by Means of the Global Positioning System (GPS) Measurements. In Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography. True-3D in Cartography: Autostereoscopic and Solid Visualisation of Geodata. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp 239-255. ISSN: 1863-2246. doi:10.1007/978-3-642-12272-9_16.

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