MUNDOTEC 2007 Magazine:Information Technology: beyond limits and skepticism

Chavez-Echeagaray, M.E. and Gonzalez Sanchez, J. (2007). Tecnologias de Información – sobrepasando límites y escepticismos [Information Technology – beyond limits and skepticism]. MundoTec (printed edition). Page 4. Number 204. Year XVI. Guadalajara, JAL, Mexico. April 23, 2007.


First paragraph

A look around us allows us to quickly realize that our daily life is heavily influenced by techno-logical advances and large-scale computing technologies and electronic.
During the evolution of these technologies have been around people skeptical about the reach and influence that they could achieve. However, evolution has given and with great force, the exist-ence of articles, tools and technological devices containing components is large and there is no trace of it is going to stop its growth. Although anyone ever dared to question-what: “I think there is market for about five computers around the world.” Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM in 1943.

Publication (in Spanish)

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