Desert Code Camp 2010.1 Tutorial:Natural User Interfaces

Desert Code Camp 2010.1
Phoenix, AZ. May 2010
SessionID 94.
9:00 – 10:00, Saturday (May 5) — Devry University


“Natural User Interface” (NUI) refers to a computer interaction methodology that focuses on human abilities such as touch, vision, voice, motion and higher cognitive functions such as expression, perception and recall. This NUIs includes technologies such as (a) Brain-Computer-Interfaces; the computer is able to understand what are you thinking. People talk about Web 5.0 as the telepathic web. A fairy tail? No! With $300 you can get the hardware and there is free software ready to work. (b) Emotion recognition; have you ever make gestures in front of your computer? Do you know that your face is able to do only 48 different expressions and those reflect your emotional state? Your next laptop could know if reading this text is interesting for you, or if you are getting sleepy. (c) Non-verbal communication; the human-communication is not only through words. That’s why there are different computer systems able to recognize gestures and poses. (d) Computer-vision; using fiducials markers that are attached onto physical objects as ids allow us to have a robust and fast system to provide the computer with vision. (e) Biofeedback; when you are performing any activity your have physical reactions that could be measured and define your emotional states.


These are my slides for the keynote, any comment is more than welcome.


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