tutorial: (Desert Code Camp 2010.2) Natural User Interfases 101

Desert Code Camp 2010.2
Phoenix, AZ. November 2010
SessionID 168.
9:00 – 10:00, Saturday (November 13) — Chandler-Gilbert Community College


A telepathic conversation with your computer? An empathic computer which understand your emotions through your facial expressions? Being able to have a non-verbal communication with it? A computer able to see your environment? A computer which can react to your physiological signals? A fairy tail?, Science fiction?, not any more!. Thanks to NUI all this is possible. Join us in our five-stop-route while reviewing the technology that makes all this come true: Brain-Computer Interfaces, Emotion-based recognition systems, Motion-capture systems, Computer-vision techniques, and Biofeedback interfaces. Let’s ride and take a look into these amazing technologies that are going to bring our computers closer to us!


These are my slides for the keynote, any comment is more than welcome.


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