CISC 2010 Tutorial:Programming with iPhone SDK

10th International Conference on Computer Systems Engineering
(in spanish: X Congreso Internacional de Sistemas Computacionales)
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. March 2010
15:00–19:00, Thursday (Mar 18) — Tecnologico de Monterrey, campus Guadalajara



iPhone is a new and widely extended platform to develop object-oriented applications. In 2008 Apple sold 13.7 millions of devices. In the same year the software development kit for iPhone was downloaded about 800,000 times (according with Apple records) and right now there are 50,000 iPhone Developers subscribed to the Official iPhone Developer Program.

iPhone platform involve several and amazing technologies that make programming a cool activity for both experts and novices.

Using XCode under Mac OS X as our IDE, and Objective-C and iPhone API as our programming tools we will create iPhone applications (from basic to medium level) which finally can be loaded into an iPhone. We’ll start with the classical “Hello World” and continue to develop applications using graphical user interfaces, handling multi-touch and motion detection, communication interfaces, and different media.


These are my slides for the tutorial, any comment is more than welcome.


Through this tutorial, the attendee will:

  • Learn about iPhone software architecture.
  • Learn about iPhone Development tools and Objective-C programming language.
  • iPhone Application Framework.
  • Graphics and Media Overview.
  • User Interface Design and key practices for iPhone Applications.
  • Location, Acceleration, Orientation and System Information.
  • Fundamentals of iPhone for Web Developers.


This tutorial will be 60% lecture and 40% individual exercises. After a brief introduction about iPhone software architecture and iPhone SDK developing tools, participants will work on hands-on exercises. Users will develop applications and try it into an iPhone simulator, and/or if possible into an iPhone physical device. Through the tutorial lecture and exercises would be alternated. In order to take the most advantage of this tutorial it is desirable that attendees work on their own laptops. It is recommended that attendees already have set the iPhone SDK application.