OOPSLA 2008 Tutorial:Programming LEGO® Mindstorms with Java

ACM Conference on Object Oriented Programming, Languages and Applications
Nashville, TN. October 2008
Tutorial 11.
13:30 – 17:00, Oct 19 — Room: 201



LEGO ® Mindstorms ® robots can do more than you ever expected. How to get in there?. The answer is combining the LEGO Mindstorms cool and fun hardware with the power of the Java platform–the world’s hottest programming technology.

This tutorial will show you how to get in, step by step. We’ll start with the basics and then we’ll teach you techniques to control LEGO ® Mindstorms ® robots. This tutorial will teach you how to build robots combining intelligence and power. We will cover:

1. Installing LeJOS, the Java Virtual Machine designed for the LEGO Mindstorms programmable controller

2. Setting up your Java platform development environment for LEGO Mindstorms

3. Programming rotation and custom sensors.

4. Using behavior control programming

5. Gathering map data and transmitting it back to your computer


These are the slides for the tutorial.


The manual provided to the course’s attendees is available in Scribd.