Innovative Learner and User Experience Lab

Our lab and some of our toys. Alhurra TV channel visit us and recorded for their their Weekly technology series – featuring the latest developments in computer and information technology with expert guests and updates from around the world. Hosted by Toufic Gebran.

They highlighted: Innovative Learner and User Experience Lab (iLux) at the School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering at Arizona State University, is equipped with the most advance EEG monitoring and eye-tracking technology as well as the highly trained personnel to operate it. The difference with iLux is that there are no limits to your testing needs. We are capable of running equipment in all conditions whether it be in a lab a controlled lab setting, on a mobile device, or even with our mobile equipment for use out in everyday life. Our portable equipment allows us to conduct research in a variety of environments. See the video below