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tutorial: (CIISA 2012) Arquitectura de Software: Principios y Prácticas

   🙂 I am going to be presenting this tutorial at CIISA2012  International Conference of Software Engineering and Applications (CIISA) 2012 Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. May 2012. Tutorial 3:30–6:45 pm, Thursday (May 24th)   Abstract (in Spanish) Conforme el tamaño y …

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tutorial: (CHI 2012) Multimodal Detection of Affective States: A Roadmap from Brain-Computer Interfaces, Face-Based Emotion Recognition, Eye Tracking and Other Sensors

   🙂 We are going to be presenting this tutorial at CHI2012  ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Austin, Texas, USA. May 2012 Tutorial. 2-session(s): May 9, 14:30-15:50 and May 9, 16:30-17:50 (Room 13B)   This course presents …

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