Thesis Seminar (CSC 590)

I am teaching  Thesis Seminar (CSC 590) at California Polytechnic State University this Winter (2024). This is a graduate course for students in Computer Science and Software Engineering programs.

CSC 590 offers a comprehensive exploration of what is involved in writing a thesis, how to do research, and how to present research, orally and in writing. You should have at least a good idea of a thesis topic when you take CSC 590, or better yet, have already chosen a thesis topic and advisor.


This course includes 10 lectures as follows (lecture slides available):

  1. Course Presentation
  2. Computer Science Literature
  3. Thesis structure
  4. Brief Oral presentations
  5. Thesis preparation: background and related work
  6. Thesis preparation: objective and approach
  7. Thesis preparation: validation
  8. Thesis preparation: results discussion and conclusion
  9. Long oral presentations
  10. Final write-ups