Gait Rehabilitation with VR and Affect Recognition

I am glad to be part of Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara this Fall; we will be working in a project about Physical Therapy an important part of healing and recovery for children experiencing mobility impairments, but it can be distracting, difficult, and dull.

We focused on the intersection between software engineering and human-computer interaction by applying rehabilitative robotics and virtual reality technology. This project examines how further combining them would make the robot-aided physical therapy experience more effective and more enjoyable.

Children undergoing rehabilitation for mobility impairments use virtual reality to stay focused and motivated throughout their physical therapy sessions. The introduction of virtual reality into treatment is part of a project with Arizona State University and the Panamerican University in Guadalajara, Mexico. Photo courtesy of Jafet Rodriguez


Our first publication is available:

Rodriguez, J., Del-Valle-Soto, C. & Gonzalez-Sanchez, J. Affective States and Virtual Reality to Improve Gait Rehabilitation: A Preliminary Study. IJERPH (2022)