ASU 2009 Research Assistant:Affective Meta Tutor Project

Research Assistant, Data and Information and Artificial Intelligence Group, ASU
May 2009 – Present
Kurt VanLehn, Professor and Winslow Burleson, Assistant Professor.
Project: Affective Meta Tutor


This project is founded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) combines a meta-tutoring strategy with the technology of affective learning companions in order to develop an Affective Meta Tutor (AMT). AMT is designed to foster long term lasting shifts in meta-cognitive strategy by changing students’ cost-benefits beliefs, via a supportive social context provided by the affective learning companions. My roll in this project is software architect and software project manager, coordinating a team of three students (undergrad and graduate).

Project Web Site

You can read more about this project in the project web site.

Software Group Web Site

The software and data of the project are in this web site.