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Getting started with LISP

This tutorial is an introduction to Lisp features. if you have a previous background programming with Java or C/C++, it will help you to get up and coding on LISP quickly . 1. Install a LISP interpreter In this tutorial, …

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Innovative Learner and User Experience Lab

This is our lab and some of our toys. Alhurra TV channel visit us and recorded for their their Weekly technology series which features the latest developments in computer and information technology with expert guests and updates from around the …

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blog: Agile Programming | Dilbert

   😯 😕 😮 😆   

blog: Learning Sciences Research Lab

   🙂 I have been collaborating with LSR Lab since 2010   School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering Learning Sciences Research Lab Arizona State University   The central focus of the Learning Science Research Lab at ASU is …

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blog: Motivational Environments Lab

   🙂 This is an example of what our research group is doing !   School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering Learning Sciences Research Lab Arizona State University   Students at the Motivational Environments Lab are finding new …

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blog: Solve for X with U

  💡 “Make your pursuits a meaningful part of a broader endeavor” -M. Crow   Arizona State University A top ranked research university in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area 1151 S. Forest Ave. Tempe AZ 85281 USA   Solve For …

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blog: Visual Explorer in Microsoft Academic Search

Microsoft Academic Search is a free academic search engine developed by Microsoft Research. It covers more than 27 million publications and over 16 million authors across a variety of domains with updates added each week. This large collection of data …

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blog: Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs

Pattern Languages of Programs (PLoP™) conference is a premier event for pattern authors and pattern enthusiasts to gather, discuss and learn more about patterns and software development. The purpose of PLoP is to promote development of pattern languages, primarily about …

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blog: OOPSLA | SPLASH 2011

OOPSLA (Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages & Applications) is an annual ACM conference, mainly taking places in United States and Canada. OOPSLA is an annual conference covering topics on object-oriented programming systems, languages and applications. OOPSLA’s venue changes every year, and …

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blog: European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs

EuroPLoP™ is the premier European conference on patterns. The conference offers a variety of tracks and workshops that allow you to learn about patterns, to receive feedback on your own work, and to discuss with fellow enthusiasts. It is a …

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