Monthly Archives: May 2017

Introduction to Programming Languages

I am teaching CSE240 Introduction to Programming Languages this Fall. This course introduce diverse paradigms of programming languages including procedural (Language C), object-oriented (Language C++), functional (Language LISP), and logic (Language Prolog) paradigm. Syllabus Fall 2017 version Lessons Course Presentation …

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Introduction to Software Engineering

I am teaching CSE360 Introduction to Software Engineering this Summer and Fall. This course presents an overview of software life cycle models, project management, team development environments and methodologies, software architectures, and quality assurance and standards. Syllabus Summer 2017 version …

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Principles of Programming (with Java)

I am teaching CSE110 Principles of Programming this Summer. CSE 110 is an introductory course to programming using Java language. The course requires no previous background in programming. It concentrates on concepts of problem solving using Java, algorithm design, structured …

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